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Displaying pop-up summaries on hover in visualforce

What if I want to make a summary pop-up window when a user hovers over a link in a visualforce page. This Feature is easy in standard salesforce pages, mostly because it happens automatically. But not in visualforce pages. I have seen most of example for pop-up in salesforce were created using the output panels with some embedded styles. Here I'm posting a pop-up example which show the details of a partuclar record on a mouseover using the Hover links similar to those used in standard Salesforce links.  /*visualforce page*/
<apex:page controller="PopupTest"> <apex:form > <apex:repeat value="{!accounts}" var="acc"> <br/> <a href="/{!acc.Id}" id="{!acc.Id}" onblur="LookupHoverDetail.getHover('{!acc.Id}').hide();" onfocus="LookupHoverDetail.getHover('{!acc.Id}', '/{!acc.Id}/m?retURL=%2F{!acc.Id}&isAjaxRequest=1').show();&qu…