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Sri Lanka Salesforce Platform Developer User Group First Meetup - My Experience

Recently Salesforce initiated Salesforce developer user groups in Sri Lanka. The goal of the user group is to build an enthusiastic, self-sustaining Sri Lankan community that enables members to be more successful with Salesforce and helps to connect with other developers of Sri Lanka Salesforce community. Developer User Group Meetups are a great opportunity to share the knowledge with community members, meet industry leaders, exchange views and ideas, socialize with peers, and network with others.
Journey begins after I completed one year with Salesforce Platform. I started to work on technologies since April 2011. I have notice that there are Salesforce Platform Developer User groups from various regions. But there were not a group in Sri Lanka. I have searched for importance to having a Salesforce Developer User Group in Sri Lanka.
Even has founded in 1999, cloud platform is new technology for Sri Lanka. There are few companies …

Who wants to be a Certified Developer?

I gained the Salesforce developer certification on 24th October 2012. Now, I'm a Certified Developer. This post gives an overview of the exam and a few tips to hopefully assist others. I will not post any actual exam questions and answers. That will be cause to violate the test taker agreement that we all sign up to at the beginning of the exam and devalues the certification.
The Certified Developer exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the objectives . A candidate should have hands-on experience developing custom applications on the platform. I post guidelines which gain from my experience of preparing DEV 401 exam. The starting point for the exam is the Study guide. First you need to have a understand about the format of the exam. Refer the following for exam format and how will you be tested. For more details, Refer the Certified Developer Study Guide.  Application Design -…

Prepare your sandboxes, Winter 13' is coming!! | Winter 13' Best Features | Part 1

All the users of & are always access the latest version because has comprehensive real time upgrade mechanism. It doesn't break our customizations and integrations. This real time upgrade mechanism allow us to feel the rapid and latest innovation.
After the summer, It's time to welcome Winter 13' release. Winter '13 Release Note has been released. Winter 13' has lots of interesting and innovative new features. I'm listing some of main features here.

Visualforce Charting - Generally available Visualforce Charting had release as a pilot feature in Winter 12’ release. Before, we had to use Google charts or Jquery or any other third party javascript libraries for create charts in a visualforce page. Now we don’t have to depend on them. has provided Visualforce charting as collection of components that provide a simple and intuitive way to crate charts …

Unit Testing in Salesforce

Testing is a key and critical component to successful long term software development process. strongly recommends using a test-driven development process which occurs at the same time as code development. Salesforce has very strong set of documentation. When I was learning salesforce unit testing, I realize that it is difficult to understand where to start read. Therefore, I summarized the unit testing for salesforce beginners to understand the basic aspects of unit testing.

There are few things to consider before you deploy or upload the code or package; 75% of your Apex code must be covered by unit testsAll the tests must complete successfullyEvery trigger has some test coverage (1%)All classes and triggers must compile successfully When you are writing a test class, you have to write test for Single Action, Bulk Action, Positive Behavior, Negative Behavior, and Restricted User. Single Action :Test to verify that a single record produces the correct, expected result.Bulk…