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Prepare your sandboxes, Winter 13' is coming!! | Winter 13' Best Features | Part 1

All the users of & are always access the latest version because has comprehensive real time upgrade mechanism. It doesn't break our customizations and integrations. This real time upgrade mechanism allow us to feel the rapid and latest innovation.
After the summer, It's time to welcome Winter 13' release. Winter '13 Release Note has been released. Winter 13' has lots of interesting and innovative new features. I'm listing some of main features here.

Visualforce Charting - Generally available Visualforce Charting had release as a pilot feature in Winter 12’ release. Before, we had to use Google charts or Jquery or any other third party javascript libraries for create charts in a visualforce page. Now we don’t have to depend on them. has provided Visualforce charting as collection of components that provide a simple and intuitive way to crate charts …