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Who wants to be a Certified Developer?

I gained the Salesforce developer certification on 24th October 2012. Now, I'm a Certified Developer. This post gives an overview of the exam and a few tips to hopefully assist others. I will not post any actual exam questions and answers. That will be cause to violate the test taker agreement that we all sign up to at the beginning of the exam and devalues the certification.
The Certified Developer exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the objectives . A candidate should have hands-on experience developing custom applications on the platform. I post guidelines which gain from my experience of preparing DEV 401 exam. The starting point for the exam is the Study guide. First you need to have a understand about the format of the exam. Refer the following for exam format and how will you be tested. For more details, Refer the Certified Developer Study Guide.  Application Design -…