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Book Review - Visualforce Development Cookbook

I have started to work on platform on April, 2011. At the beginning, I haven’t any knowledge about technologies. I have identified the discussion board as a home for a newbie since there are lots of experts to answer our technical issues. I found “Bob Buzzard” (Keir Bowden) in the discussion board and he was playing with the technical issues. He helped me a lotof my technical issues. He is an answering machine. He has a tremendous blog. I followed his way and I have used his achievements as a reference.
It is with great privilege that I write this review of Visualforce Development Cookbook which authored by Keir Bowden. It is aimed at developers who have some experience on Visualforce and packs over 75 recipes in the 300+ pages.
This book covers all the techniques that we use in day to day developments in Visualforce. Sometimes we struggle to come up with a particular solution. Sometime we will waste considerable time to sort out the particul…

My First Book on Visualforce - Visualforce Developer's Guide

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Visualforce allows you to build sophisticated, custom user interfaces that can be hosted natively on the platform. Visualforce achieves this with the help of a tag-based language which is similar to HTML. This book aims to introduce you to Visualforce development tools to develop a better perspective towards UI development with Visualforce, and take your expertise in UI development to the next level.
"Visualforce Developer's Guide" is a hands-on guide aimed towards developing a custom UI interface. As you read through the content, you will notice that this book focuses on a single real-world example. This book builds upon this example to help you understand and use Visualforce development tools in your custom UI interfaces.
"Visualforce Developers Guide" begins with an introduction to Visualforce to give you an understanding of the MVC model and the Visualforce architecture. Special emphasis is given to building a rich user i…