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Get Set...Ready... Salesforce Summer 14' is Almost Here

The release process of Salesforce Summer 14' is already begun. The final release weekend will be started on 18th July, 2014. All remaining Salesforce systems will be upgraded over this final release weekend. This is also the upgrade weekend for any Sandboxes you’ve opted not to include in the Sandbox preview. The Salesforce Summer'14 Release Note is already released. This time it is a big release note which has over 300+ pages. Therefore, I'm looking at the top features coming in Summer ’14. This is according to the my point of view.
Configure Push Notifications for Your Salesforce Mobile SDK Connected Apps Analytics Dashboards API Manipulate Multiple Salesforce Fields and Records at One Time in a FlowCross-Domain Exchanges Switch to POST RequestsDescribe Limits & Script Statement Limits Methods RemovedRemote Objects related changesCreate Price Book Entries in Apex TestsChatter in Apex (ConnectApi)New and Changed Apex Classes. Specially, new methods of Crypto, Limits a…