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New Trailhead content Published

Salesforce Trailhead is becoming the most interactive way of learning Salesforce.

Couple of days ago, the team Trailhead released 1 new trail & 6 awesome badges, bringing us to an astronomical 13 trails & 70 badges! And, for the first time ever, you can follow Trailhead into space to build a stellar Battle Station management app.

This contains the followings;

TrailAdmin Advanced trailModulesApex Integration ServicesAdvanced FormulasLEX Chatter BasicsLEX Data ManagementApplication Lifecycle Management (rewritten)ProjectBuild a Battle Station App You will learn to write clean, easy-to-understand formulas for complex use cases, discover insights into your Salesforce org with this powerful monitoring feature and access, display, and integrate data from an external data source in real time.

At the end of the these trails and modules, you can supercharge your skills and apps by harnessing point-and-click tools to solve common business needs.

Are you yeti to earn new badges?! tra…

Publication of My 2nd Book- Learning Application Development

Cloud computing has made significant changes to the IT/software development industry. Cloud platforms are one of the important directions of cloud computing. Cloud platforms allow the developers to develop apps and run them on the Cloud, including platforms for building on-demand applications and platforms as a service (PaaS). has introduced the first on-demand platform called
“Learning Application Development” is a hands-on guide aimed towards developing applications on the platform. As you read through the content, you will notice that this book focuses on a single real-world example. This book builds upon this example to help you understand and use tools and features of the platform. Starting with an introduction to the model, key features, and advantages of the platform, this book delves into the design and development of applications on the platform. Particular emphasis is given to bu…