Publication of My 2nd Book- Learning Application Development

Cloud computing has made significant changes to the IT/software development industry. Cloud platforms are one of the important directions of cloud computing. Cloud platforms allow the developers to develop apps and run them on the Cloud, including platforms for building on-demand applications and platforms as a service (PaaS). has introduced the first on-demand platform called

“Learning Application Development” is a hands-on guide aimed towards developing applications on the platform. As you read through the content, you will notice that this book focuses on a single real-world example. This book builds upon this example to help you understand and use tools and features of the platform.
Starting with an introduction to the model, key features, and advantages of the platform, this book delves into the design and development of applications on the platform. Particular emphasis is given to building the data model and user interfaces of the application, designing the application for multiple users, and protecting data related to your application.
This book also covers the most important features of the platform such as preserving data quality with validation rules, automating the business process by using workflows and approval processes, data management operations and tools, reports and dashboards, e-mail service related features of the platform, and deploying a application. Through the course of the book, you will learn not only declarative (point-click) developments, but also programmatic developments such as building custom pages using Visualforce and custom coding using Apex. By the end of the book, you will have learned about the tools including the IDE and standard Visualforce components that are used to develop build Visualforce pages.
About This Book
  • Design, build, and customize real-world applications on the platform
  • Reach out to users through public websites and ensure that your application becomes popular
  • Discover the tools that will help you develop and deploy your application
What You Will Learn
  • Design, develop, customize, and deploy applications on the platform
  • Build a data model and standard user interfaces on the platform
  • Develop applications for multiple users and protect your organization's data
  • Implement the application's business processes using Validation Rules, Approval Processes, and Workflows
  • Use Data Management operations and tools in the application
  • Make custom pages using Visualforce and custom controllers using Apex
  • Create reports, dashboards, and e-mail services on the platform
  • Construct sites that allow the application to be extended out into the broader population of users through the use of a public website
  • Employ the tools available on the platform
Table of Contents
  1. Getting Started With Force.Com
  2. Building The Data Model
  3. Building The User Interface
  4. Designing Apps For Multiple Users And Protecting Data
  5. Implementing Business Processes
  6. Data Management On The Force.Com Platform
  7. Custom Coding With Apex
  8. Building Custom Pages With Visualforce
  9. Analytics As A Service With The Force.Com Platform
  10. E-Mail Services With The Force.Com Platform
  11. Building Public Websites With Force.Com Sites
  12. Deploying The Force.Com Application
Who This Book Is For
If you are a developer who wants to learn how to develop and deploy applications from the platform, then this book is for you. No prior knowledge of Salesforce is necessary.


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