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Where’s Astro, the missing Trailhead mascot?

Our beloved mascot Astro has gone missing and might be in grave danger.

Luckily, you’ve trained for this challenge by hitting the trails and collecting critical badges that could help save Astro.  But where should you start? Don your detective hat, lace up your hiking boots, and follow the trail of clues in this new Trailhead module to piece together Astro’s whereabouts.

The latest Trailhead module the #WheresAstro module has published. Discover the clues, unlock the mystery, and find Astro, our beloved mascot.
There are four units to complete.
Discovering the MysteryUnlocking the CluesFollowing the TrailCracking the Code Reward if found: Locating Astro and collecting this badge won’t just make you our hero, you’ll also get entered into a sweepstakes for sweet prizes. Just make sure to earn the badge before April 14, 2016 11:59pm PST when the contest closes.
So what’ll you win besides valuable new skills? You’ve got a chance to walk away with one of each of the following prizes:
10 – …